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Analyze, understand, optimize your video advertising business

Vuble Publisher Platform

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Get exclusive insights to help get the most out of your video ad data.

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Let machine learning optimize every impression to receive the most of it.

Advanced tools for publishers


  • Real–time bid floor adjustment powered by machine learning
  • Insights into user, placement and performance of video ads
  • Segment performance reports by ad category, format and url
  • Capture average ad load time and errors
  • Compare your site and ad performance with the market’s trends.
  • Benchmark your video ad revenues and performance across various platforms
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  • Immediate Programmatic revenue increase through Private Deals and a RTB Private Marketplace
  • Real-time video impression filtering using Vuble’s machine learning performance forecast
  • Automatic impression price adjustment based on performance forecast
  • Best-in-class fraud protection to let you better manage yield and avoid discrepancies
  • Increased trust with advertisers (the right price for each impression)
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Every format, every screen

  • Instream/Pre–roll
  • Outstream
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Multiple integration options

Publishers win with Vuble

Increase in eCPM

Increase in monthly revenue from video ads

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