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Vuble Header Bidding

Vuble offers header bidder solutions designed enhance monetization by linking our publisher tools – Optimizer and Analyzer – with direct demand. Publishers gain access to increased demand and higher performance auctions with minimal hassle of integration. Inventory is auctioned transparently and performance data is available in our publisher dashboard and header bidder analytics solution.

What are the benefits of Vuble header bidding?

Increase your revenue operations through access to actionable behavioral and environmental data, optimized bid adjustment floors, and unique demand. We offer guaranteed, exclusive demand at a higher price based on our unique data. By establishing a link between a bid request and the user profile/behavior, we can make markets that are typically missed by typical SSP-DSPs.

Our header bidder adaptor is available here:

Vuble also provides a Prebid Analytics Adaptor

The analytics adaptor will give you deep insights into Bid Amounts, Performance, and Buyers behavior such as interaction with player.

If you are new to header bidding, we suggest reviewing the Getting Started page and the other adops pages on the prebid website:

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