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Transparent supply, Guaranteed video performance

Select your minimum criteria for your campaign, pay only when they are matched


Set up performance criteria and context consistency

Video performance cannot be disconnected from a verified context consistency.

Advertisers and media agencies indicate their:

  • Preferred context (minimum player size, player’s position in the page, maximum ad cluttering, page topics)
  • Video performance criteria: Minimum viewability, minimum completion in view
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Brand safe delivery with the right performance

  • Best-in-class fraud protection algorithms
  • Buy Vuble’s filtered impressions from your preferred DSPs
  • Add any site of your choice
  • Pay only for the impressions matching your criteria
  • Automatic accounting reconciliation in the programmatic process


Average brands KPI lift

Average ROI


Get insights you can use

  • Exclusive users interest analysis for the video ad content
  • Customize users’ journey with the brand
  • Analyze the attribution costs according to users’ interest in the video ad
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Case study

The issue

A very well known audiobook company was looking to increase awareness and generate direct leads with a video campaign.

Vuble proposal

Vuble proposed to deliver the video campaign with a maximum commitment to guarantee awareness: 100% completion with a minimum of 70% viewability. Meanwhile, Vuble Attention Analysis data were sent back in real—time to the client’s DMP enabling a sharper retargeting strategy.

Key results

2M Streams with 100% completion – 3.2M streams delivered in total
Average VTR: 82% – Average Viewability: 77%.
530 000 hot leads delivered.

Partner with us

Work with Vuble how you want:
Managed Service – Via DSP/Exchange – Self–Service

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